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New Complete IBM/Avaya Solutions from Meridian IT

Complexity is frequently cited as a barrier to UC adoption. The reality is that with the right partner it doesn't have to be. Meridian IT, a Premiere IBM Business Partner, has just launched two new, fixed price solution bundles that combine their collaboration & telephony services with IBM & Avaya products to help you get started in UC.

"Meridian offers two bundles to help you take that first step onto a Unified Communications and Collaboration road:  

The benefits of integrating communications grow as collaboration and process integration increase.  One of the most time-wasting tasks in any organization is finding who the expert is within the organization that can help a worker or customer.  Even if that expert is known, the ability to efficiently locate and interact with that expert can be problematic.  To address this, Meridian has created a solution that contains everything an organization needs to find who the expert is, locate that person, know if that person is available to help, and choose from a range of interaction options that best fit the task.  This bundled solution is for 500 people, and contains:
  •  500 IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced User Licenses  
  •  500 IBM Lotus Connections Profiles User Licenses
  •  500 Avaya Unified Desktop Licenses
  •  1 Avaya AES Server
  •  UC2 Network Readiness Assessment
  •  Complete Implementation Services

Does this sound familiar?  “Who is that speaking?”  “Who is that going through a drive-thru?  Can you please mute your line?” These are very common barriers to effective web conferences and teleconferences.  With Meridian’s Unified Team Meeting bundle, we can help you to avoid those problems in the future, and instead focus on doing business.  The key lies with the tight integration of the Avaya audio conference bridge with the IBM Lotus Sametime web conference.  This integration extends to the Outlook and Lotus Notes clients, allowing you to schedule both web and audio conferences right from your calendar application, and then join those web and audio conferences when the time arrives.  This bundle is designed for 1000 user organizations, and contains:
  •  1000 IBM Lotus Sametime Standard User Licenses
  •  1000 Avaya Meeting Exchange Sametime Adapter User Licenses
  •  UC2 Network Readiness Assessment
  •  Complete Implementation Services"

We encourage you to learn more here.