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New Data Studio Releases

The folks over on the Data Studio team have been busy!  Curt Cotner provides updates on yesterday's product announcements.

It's been less than 5 months since we announced our 1.2 releases of Data Studio, which I blogged  about back in July.

Since then, we have talked to thousands of people, provided demonstrations to hundreds, and visited dozens of customers. People are starting to understand Data Studio and the value of Integrated Data Management better.

With this latest release,  announced today, we are really targeting the DBA with enhancements across the portfolio to help DBAs improve application performance, security, manageability, and TCO. In this release, the enhancements are particularly targeting Java applications that access DB2 data, but you'll see we're starting to branch into .NET as well.

Yesterday's announcements include:
Please do head over to the Data Studio blog for more background on the announcements and highlights of what's new in these releases.  Oh, and my favorite line from the blog post?
Just a head up. We're not done. We have more announcements coming soon!

Link: New Data Studio releases bring us one step closer to realizing the integrated data management vision