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New IBM Smarter Planet Advertising

IBM has some new Smarter Planet commercials out, including the one below on Smarter Public Safety (and I'm guessing some of you may also be interested in the secure collaboration commercial, too [And getting this out of the way up front - no screenshots or product names... I'm sure Lotus Knows you want them, though, right?])

One of the public safety departments mentioned - the New York City Police Department - has for a while now relied on Cognos solutions to transform how they were able to move from reacting to crime to proactively identifying and addressing trends, and getting instant access to reports that used to take weeks or months to generate (Full Details).

Using business intelligence software from ... Cognos along with GIS mapping and visualization tools, officers and analysts in the center can detect crime patterns as they are forming, enabling precinct commanders to take proactive measures to keep ahead of these trends - and head off spikes in criminal activity. The department's CompStat program, already a milestone in innovative policing tactics, was also transformed into a more effective crime fighting tool by replacing its traditionally manual method of data tabulation with the CIW''s realtime data feed. Reports that could take weeks or months are now available instantly.

The Advanced Oil Exploration commercial also highlights the important role data and analytics plays in allowing for more targeted drilling, which in turn leads to lower costs and faster time to market.  Repsol is one oil and gas company seeing these benefits today (Full Details).
"We see IBM’s technology and expertise as game changing in the area of oil exploration because they enable a new level of analytical insight that fits with our need for cost effectiveness, sustainability and fast time-to-market." - Francisco Ortigosa, Director of Geophysics, Repsol YPF

Additional new Smarter Planet commercials:

Full Transcript of
Smarter Public Safety commercial
IBMer: Crime in New York City has dropped 27% since 2001.
EMT: Response times in Madrid have been cut by 25%.
IBMer: Cities all over the world are getting smarter…
TWEEN: …and safer.
FIRE: Every time an emergency happens…
MAYOR: …data is generated.
IBMer: Smarter cities fight crime,
EMT: fires, flu outbreaks…
IBMer: …by capturing the data.
MAYOR: Detecting the patterns.
COP: Sharing it across departments.
EMT: …responding to emergencies…
COP: …even preventing them.
MAYOR: Making cities safer.
IBMer: That's what I’m working on.
IBMer: I’m an IBMer.
IBMer: Let’s build a smarter planet.


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