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New Master Data Management blog

Please join me in welcoming Allen Dreibelbis, Dan Wolfson, Eberhard Hechler, Ivan Milman, Martin Oberhofer, and Paul van Run, the authors of the recently published "Enterprise Master Data Management - An SOA Approach to Managing Core Information" book, to the blogosphere.

The group will be blogging about their experiences with Master Data Management (MDM) over on developerWorks.

Their first post gives a sampling of what they'll be writing about (and the need for MDM):

- One author's mortgage provider continues to refer to him by his wife's last name, despite efforts to correct that problem (this was fictionalized in chapter 9 of the book.)

- Another of the authors tried to upgrade from an analog phone line (which was a second phone line) to DSL. He received a letter confirming the upgrade and was told the change would be made in the next week. Then the fun began. After 10 days had passed without the DSL being installed, he called the company. The first customer service representative (CSR) couldn't find his customer number. The next CSR found the customer number and the order number, but had no one to fulfill the order. The following day our intrepid author called back to the telco, only to find that the order request had been cancelled! This went on for four weeks, with calls of 1 hour every day to multiple help lines, where each help desk could not see the full set of correct master data (including one with an address from two years previous.)

- An IBM colleague who works with our publisher tried to remove her ex-spouse's name from an account. The company told her that she could pay $60 to have his name removed.

- A customer told us that she and her husband each have 3 different entries in their financial services provider's customer information file. And one of the entries for her husband has his gender as female.

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