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Tidbits for June 30th

Ever wonder what would happen if you combined Austin Powers, School House Rock animation and Sametime in one video? Me neither... but someone in marketing did... and this video is worth the 3 minutes. You can check it out on YouTube or in the IBM Media Library.

A couple of important Sametime updates from the good folks on the Notes from Lotus Support Blog:

And finally, from "The Journal" (which should not be confused with the Wall Street Journal for us MBA types)...
Radvision announced Thursday major enhancements to its Scopia conferencing solution. Available as a software upgrade, version 5.6 provides added features across the entire Scopia platform, including Scopia MCU, Scopia Desktop, and the iView Management Suite.

The new version provides HD video conferencing, allowing users to view 16:9 widescreen images at 720p resolution, while still sending 480p or CIF images to preserve bandwidth and processing power. In addition, the upgrade gives users recording, playback, and content management capabilities, as well as enhanced integration into IBM Lotus Sametime with support for Domino directory and Notes scheduling.