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New Smarter Analytics ad: Smarter by the Second

IBM is starting the new year with some new advertising around Smarter Analytics, among other featured topics.

You might have caught this spot during the Rose Bowl or Gator Bowl or some of the Sunday morning US news shows this week.  The IBMer featured is Simon Thomas, Business Analytics and Optimization Service Line Leader, and the ad uses examples from three different industries to demonstrate what's new in Smarter Analytics - and what can happen in an instant:

"A second is a very long time.  Long enough for a train track in Taiwan to sense a malfunction and alert the operators.  Or to spot a power disruption in Texas before it spreads.  Or help a global finance company pinpoint fraud and protect customers.  Smarter Analytics is helping companies all over the world predict what's coming and act on it now."

IBM has also posted a deeper, 3-min look into the concepts covered in the ad (below), and you can always learn more about Business Analytics and Optimization on our website.