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News from around the world

Some timely news from around the world:

Time Magazine reports on findings from the SANS institute, a computer-security group, on the top 20 Internet-security risks.  Up there along with Vulnerable Websites, Gullible Users, and Zombie Computers is:


Instant-messaging applications and peer-to-peer file-sharing programs can leave a system open to compromise. SANS suggests using "tightly secured versions" or even prohibiting them entirely.


And, on a somewhat lighter side, from Good Morning Silicon Valley:

It was a dark n stormy nite :(

Leave it to the Japanese to combine the novel with a novelty and come up with something that leaves one grasping for words. From the Sydney Morning Herald comes the startling revelation that half of Japan's top-10 selling works of fiction in the first six months of the year - we're talking honest-to-goodness, hard-bound tomes - were written on cell phone keyboards. While a new Japanese translation of "The Brothers Karamazov" racked up impressive sales of 320,000 copies since July, the top thumb-typed novels, like "Moshimo Kimiga" ("If You ... "), the story of a high-school girl's fight with HIV, averaged sales of 400,000 books.

See the full post for more, but apparently these novels aren't just being written on cell phones, they're being read on them, as well.  And if you think this generation isn't going to be working in your company - or more to the point, won't be demanding that you provide them with tools like IM and SMS to get work done in your company - you might want to think again.

(And - on the really lighter side - apparently someone in Redmond might be getting coal this year:    Bad Santa, powered by Microsoft)