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No longer a fan of Fandango (and Facebook, you should know better)

My wife got a surprise when she went into her a Facebook page last night.  There in her feed was a notice (or ad?) from Fandango highlighting the movie that she and I saw this weekend!

The only thing was... I had bought the tickets on Fandango, using my account, with no tie-in or explicit permission given to Fandango to publish to Facebook.  In fact, I'm still trying to figure out how it associated the purchase with Leslie in the first place.  I was using her PC at the time, so my guess is that somehow it tied back into her account that way (or it just assumed that since we're listed as married to each other on Facebook, that's who I went with?)

In looking into this further, it seems that Fandango was an early participant in Beacon (and got dinged pretty heavily as a result - for example, here, here and here.)

This morning, I looked into my Fandango account to see if I had accidentally given them permission to publish to Facebook, but there wasn't any setting for that.  So I headed over to their privacy policy, where it states:  (emphasis mine)

If you are a member of a social network service (such as Facebook, MySpace, etc.) or you use other Internet sites where you have authorized them to gather information about your online behavior on Fandango (for instance, to notify your friends that you have viewed a video or bought movie tickets)....

This then brought me back to Facebook, where sure enough, I apparently had to opt out of having actions on external websites or social ads appear in my feeds.  After all the uproar over Beacon, I would have thought they'd have done this the other way around.

So, my tip of the day for you:  Head over to your Facebook privacy settings and make sure they reflects what you want to share.  And Fandango - next time we'll be buying our tickets the old fashioned way - in person, with cash.

Image:No longer a fan of Fandango (and Facebook, you should know better)


    Andre | Website: | 5/7/2008 8:36:16 AM GMT

    Thanks for the tip Adam. I hate when things like this happen and was recently sent a rather scary link to a BBC (national British Broadcasting Channel) video about security of personal data within Facebook: { Link }

    | Website: | 5/7/2008 9:56:43 AM GMT

    If you have the Blockbuster version of Netflix you have to do things to make it not publish changes to your cue to Facebook. Facebook also constantly asks me if I am getting married (which I am) and if I need help picking out things like invitations (which are in the mail already) and gifts for the wedding party (which I do, but not from them, thank you...).

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