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P a r a n o i a ? (remove spaces)

OK, I need some advice on this, because it's starting to drive me a little crazy.  

To date I've been reluctant to put in or code my e-mail address directly, something that I've seen folks do on other blogs, presumably to prevent against spam.  So I end up doing things like adam @ (remove spaces).  And part of the reason I'm paranoid is that my primary personal account (Yahoo), which I've had for probably 10+ years, gets at least 300-500 spam messages a day, of which 30-40 still make it into my inbox.  (Granted, this used to be my alternate ID, and so it got entered on all sorts of dot-com mortgage and info sites that I'm sure led to my being a prime target on spam lists.)

Anyway, my question is: do I really need to do worry about this?  Should I keep spacing out my e-mail address?  Can I safely use a mailto HTML link for my e-mail or should I avoid that?  Do you have any other tips and tricks to share?