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A moment of joy

With all due respect to my Lotus colleagues in Boston... the PHILLIES WON THE WORLD SERIES!!! I grew up in Philly and was 10 the last time there was a major sports championship there. I'll return you to your regularly scheduled UC2 programming shortly, but first a moment of joy.

Image:A moment of joy

And from the "Random Stuff I Love" File...  For years there was an informal agreement that no building in Philadelphia could be taller than the statue of William Penn atop City Hall. (Penn founded Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.) Liberty Tower broke that agreement in the late 80's and, ever since, Philly teams have found new and interesting ways to loose in the big game. When the Comcast Center went up last year, the construction workers put this little replica of the Billy Penn statue at its peak. Long may the little guy reign.

Image:A moment of joy