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Pre-order IBM Global CIO Study

One of the newsletters I subscribe to had an advertisement for IBM's Global CIO Study, which will be available later this month but can be pre-ordered by registering here.  I haven't seen the results myself yet, but from past experience with our CIO, CEO, and other related studies, the findings are always insightful.

IBM Global CIO Study
In the first quarter of 2009 IBM interviewed CIOs from around the globe. These interviews were conducted as one hour, in-person discussions with CIOs representing multiple industries and varying sizes of organizations. The results from these interviews have provided us with unique insights into how CIOs operate in today's dynamic environment and their plans for the future. The final analysis of these interviews will be launched in September of this year.
In order to receive a copy of the final report when it is released click here to pre-register.

*** Update - It appears that the report is due out tomorrow (9/10), and so they have closed the pre-registration.  However, you can register to attend a Sept. 10 webcast on the results. ***