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Press and Analysts on IBM/Cisco Announcement

As promised, here is just a brief roundup of some of the coverage of the IBM-Cisco announcement we made at VoiceCon last week.  I'll try to post more thoughts on the show shortly - still catching up for being out for much of the week, and all the work that got displaced in preparing for the announcement.

Network World:  VoiceCon: IBM, Cisco expand unified communications partnership

InfoWorld:  IBM, Cisco launch joint Unified Communications platform

eWeek:  Cisco, IBM Team Up on Collaboration Client Platform

CRN:  VoiceCon: Cisco, IBM Bring Video Calls To Lotus Sametime

ComputerWeekly: IBM and Cisco team up to develop unified comms platform  IBM思科合作统一通讯新平台

David Ferris: Cisco-IBM Unified Communications

The APIs have a lot going for them. Developers would prefer to go the easy path of a Microsoft-supplied solution. However, it's unclear that Microsoft will deliver a rich API set that is seriously multiplatform, rather than just Windows and Windows Mobile. And many major vendors have already invested in the Lotus API.

Mike Gotta:  Cisco Keynote: Oh, BTW... There's This IBM Deal
Potentially, this opens the door for a strongly architected multi-platform UC client that can support a variety of capabilities through the Eclipse plug-in model - it could very well establish Lotus Expeditor as common scaffolding for multiple communication vendors and jumpstart a wave of innovative UC applications if a critical mass of third-party support were to follow. Unfortunately, this angle did not come out during the Cisco keynote.
Note:  As Mike points out, the delivery of the announcement on stage at VoiceCon could have been a little, well, stronger.  I can only say that the importance and commitment to this partnership by both IBM and Cisco extends up to the highest level of senior management of both companies, and more importantly is something that we continue to hear is important to businesses looking to deploy unified communications and collaboration solutions.