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Provide your feedback on Sametime Documentation

The Lotus Information Development Community is looking for feedback on Lotus Sametime documentation.    Head on over to their blog for full details and to post your responses.

OK. Here's the question. Take a second to think about all the ways you use Sametime product documentation. Now, look at the following list. Which three things are missing from the Sametime product documentation that you would like to see us add in the future? Tell us why you choose those three things.

Search feature
Table of contents
F1 contextual help
Task-oriented help topics
Conceptual topics, such as feature overviews
Code examples
Scenarios and tutorials
Audio/video demonstrations
Product glossary
Documentation blogs, wikis, and forums
Troubleshooting tips
Printable documentation, such as PDFs
Help on the product's user interface, for example text in dialog boxes and hover help
Customizable documentation

Link:  Lotus Technical Information and Education Team Blog