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Quote of the Day

"I love this!  This is more fun than watching cartoons!"

I don't think it's possible to get a better vote of approval than that.  That was my almost 5-year-old watching the tree service cut down the trees in our yard this morning.

I'm actually really mixed on this.  The trees had to go - the previous owners "liked their privacy," and so left just about all of the back half of our .25 acre plot wooded.  It was nice because it provided shade and did provide a lot of privacy.  However, it also left no room at all for two very active little boys, and if Jacob has another growth spurt he'll all but be hitting the house with his feet while swinging.  All the same, it's sad to see perfectly happy and healthy trees being cut down.  (Actually, what we really need is more land so we can have trees and yard, but that's not really an option.)

So - the trees are out and grass sod/seed is coming in, with a fence and some privacy plantings to follow in the not too distant future.

I'll post some before/after pictures later.