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Spider-man, Spider-man
Do you think... Spider-man
Saving lives, Spinning lives
Just lives... Just like lives
LOOK OUT!  Here comes Spider-man!
          - As sung by Noah, 2 1/2

Back story:

Noah now wears Spider-man pullups to sleep.  And, of course, it was inevitable that at some point while helping him into his Spider-man pullups, I would break out and start singing the old Spider-man theme song.  Which he, of course, picked up on immediately, and then made his own (as above).  This is actually the second iteration of his rendition - originally it was all about wheels ("saving wheels, spinning wheels...").  

The real problem is that I can't sing the actual version for him any more, because once he hears it one or two more times he'll pick up on the right lyrics.  (We discovered yesterday that he's got a good bit of the lyrics to High School Musical down, thanks to big brother Jacob.)  He's rapidly losing what's left of his "baby" mispronunciations, and it's sad to see them go.

[Hmmm.  And I should mention he's starting with a disadvantage.  Despite looking up the lyrics myself when this whole thing started (Because he wasn't letting me get away with "Spider-man, Spider-man, mmmm mmmm mm, mmmm mm mm...") , it seems that I was misquoting them myself.  Well, that and he's basing the melody on my singing, for which he should get mega-bonus points, too.]

Actual Spiderman lyrics (which I will revisit myself!)