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ReadWriteWeb: IBM CEO on Lessons & Opportunities in Internet of Things

ReadWriteWeb has been focusing a fair bit lately on the Internet of Things, which is also one of the underlying factors that we have been highlighting in our Smarter Planet agenda contributing to (and resulting from) a world that is increasingly instrumented, interconnected and intelligent.  

Today Richard MacManus writes about IBM's perspective on the subject (IBM CEO on Lessons & Opportunities in Internet of Things):

Palmisano noted one of the key points about Internet of Things early in his speech (link) - it puts computational power into "things no one would recognize as computers." Things like "cars, appliances, roadways and rail lines, power grids, clothes." He also mentioned processes and global supply chains, non-sexy markets that have proven to be early commercial successes for the company in Internet of Things. Finally, Palmisano pointed to implementation in "natural systems, such as agriculture and waterways."

He explained that "intelligence" can be gleaned off all of this data, "because we now have the processing power and advanced analytics to make sense of it all"
Another key thing to note about Internet of Things is the sheer volume of data that will flow through the Internet in the coming years. Palmisano remarked that "we are amassing an unimaginable amount of data in the world." He claimed that in three years time, IP traffic "is expected to total more than half a zettabyte" (which equals a trillion gigabytes).

He also said that "all this data is far more real-time than ever before" - which of course is another trend that ReadWriteWeb has been tracking closely.

Full Article:  IBM CEO on Lessons & Opportunities in Internet of Things