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Sametime and Lotusphere 2009 podcast

Ok its  little bit of self promotion,  but Lotus User Group has just posted their podcast recording  in the  '2 minutes with Lotus'  series featuring your's truly previewing Sametime activities at Lotusphere 2009. Its actually a lot more than 2 mins talking to LUG's Erin Dunkin.

In the interview  I cover what's happening at Lotusphere for Sametime and offer some hints about Sametime 8.5 themes. I can't tell you much more about 8.5 yet, but if you are Orlando you will hear and see lots more. We also look back  at my favorite prior Lotuspshere memories (think Cheeseheads!),  look forward to this year's event  and have some fun speculating on the keynote speaker at Lotusphere  2009.  

Also hear my 3 best reasons for attending Lotusphere this year  (other than meeting  me or going to Jelly Rolls).

The podcast can be listened to at  here ( They also have a contest to win an iPod Touch if you can guess this year's keynote speaker.


    Ignacio Escobedo | Website: | 1/27/2009 2:11:57 PM GMT

    Could you please explain how to start UDP on Port 5060? has it is blocking VoIP.

    Rob Ingram | Website: | 1/27/2009 5:20:44 PM GMT

    Ignacio. This is not a Sametime product so Isuggest asking about this from the Voicesuite team.

    Cho Hyoung Cheol | Website: | 6/17/2009 3:01:46 AM GMT

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