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Sametime Installation Made Easy Webcast

Another great resource has just been posted to DeveloperWorks:  A relatively brief (12 minute) narrated webcast that visually walks through the steps to install Lotus Sametime, starting with the underlying Lotus Domino server.  

If you've put off deploying the IM capabilities you're entitled through Lotus Notes because the Sametime installation is new to you, or if you've walked away from the Lotus Sametime Trial because you've never run Domino before, you have no more excuses!

  • Part 1: Installing IBM Lotus Domino V7.0.2
  • Part 2: Configuring IBM Lotus Domino V7.0.2 for Lotus Sametime
  • Part 3: Installing Lotus Sametime V7.5.1
  • Part 4: Running Lotus Sametime V7.5.1

Along similar lines, Grant Bingham recently posted a great resource that walks through a Sametime server installation, complete with checklist, flowchart and tips and tricks.  Check it out, as well!


IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5.1 server installation made easy
Grant Bingham:  Sametime 7.5.1 Install Blitz