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Sametime QuickTip: Privacy Controls

You're working against a deadline on a key project. You need to be on Sametime to coordinate with your team... but you don't want to deal with other issues right now. How do you control who can reach you?

Sametime Privacy Controls

Sametime Privacy Controls let you determine:

  • who can reach you, even if you are in Do-Not-Disturb Mode
  • who can see that you are online inside your enterprise
  • who can see that you are online outside your enterprise (Public IM systems, other Sametime Communities, etc)

Using Privacy Controls is simple. In the Menu Bar, go to Tools->Privacy Lists. Drag & drop names (or groups) from your Contact list into the appropriate control list (as show in the screen shots below). Click ok and you're done.

Image:Sametime QuickTip: Privacy Controls

Image:Sametime QuickTip: Privacy Controls

Image:Sametime QuickTip: Privacy Controls


    Rashid Malik | Website: | 9/29/2009 12:19:27 PM GMT

    This is all good but if I enable privacy list and add a group to my privacy list, not only no one outside of that group can not see me online, but even I'm restricted to that group. In order words, I can only see those people online that are part of that group. I think the way this should be implemented is that I should be able to see everyone online regardless if privacy or do not disturb is enabled or not.

    | Website: | 9/30/2009 7:14:23 PM GMT

    Rashid, I agree with you and have asked development to look into changing this in future releases. (I don't know that it will be done for 8.5.) While, privacy lists do serve their purpose - allowing me to control who can see I am on line and reach me - I can see the need for the kind of control you describe.

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