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"Sametime saved my bacon"

From the inbox:

A quick success story for Sametime:

I was prepping for a major upgrade this morning and late yesterday, I ran into a snag.  The vendor needed access to a system behind a firewall and no one was around to open it up.  I offered to do a screen share from my Windows machine, but the vendor was doubtful since he was running Linux since he bans all Windows from his office (as Owner/President, he can do that).  He connected, and was able to solve the problem and today's upgrade went off without a hitch.

Cool stuff, that Sametime, especially now that it supports a variety of platforms.

Please pass this along to the Sametime folks.

I don't think there's anything more I can add to that, other than to say I love hearing stories like this, so please send them along.  Reply below, or e-mail them to me directly (gartenbe at if you want to stay anonymous.  (And I'll take stories that go the other way, too - if for whatever reason Sametime isn't working for you, let me know so we can begin to help you work through it.)

(Thanks, Ed, for forwarding on the e-mail).