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Sametime Strategy and Roadmap sessions

Rob Ingram and I ended up both opening and closing the "Sametime all the Time" room with the "Sametime Strategy and Roadmap" session ( INV108).

While I was thrilled with the interest and attendance - we overflowed the overflow room the first time around, and even as the last session on Thursday, still had a room that was at least 3/4 full - not everything went smoothly.  The video feed into the overflow room was a bit lacking, I understand, and so everything came through blurry.  We also weren't quite expecting to have an overflow room, nor had anyone explained to us before hand that if we had one, we could only show one monitor at a time, and since we had been planning to take advantage of both video screens in the room for our demos, we probably didn't push things through as smoothly as we could.

For the repeat of the session, we figured that since it was the last session of the week, folks would have had their fill of presentations after having seen a good 700+ slides by then in the previous 18 hours worth of sessions.  We also figured that chances are the people attending would have been to at least one or two other Sametime sessions (not to mention the OGS and UC Keynote), so we'd shortcut the slides and focus instead on live demos, highlighting the key capabilities of the new solutions as we demo'd them.  

A good plan in theory, but things didn't go exactly as planned, as the network (both wired and wireless) went down about - oh - a minute into the session.  And it was down for the count - we kept checking in but it never came back up.  (And apparently this wasn't just us experiencing this.)   Someone told me afterwards that he thought we did a good job on our feet, given the circumstances, but needless to say it would have been better if we'd had Camtasia backups or something.  (Lessons learned for next year.)


My sincere apologies if you were shut out of the first session, or missed the demos the second time.  If you weren't able to see Sametime in action over the course of the week, please by all means drop me a line (gartenbe -at- and I'd be glad to arrange for myself or a colleague to take you through it.