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Shutting down debate

I'm guessing by now most of you have seen the various postings on the whole Windows vs. Mac (vs. iPod) shut-down processes.  

One thing that I didn't see called out, though, was what really wowed me when I (finally) got around to getting (well, requesting) an iPod (thanks again, Mom and Dad).  Because I was late to the game, I already knew that there was no off button or switch.  What got me was the first time I went to unplug my headphones and the iPod automatically paused itself.

It was one of those things that was so plainly obvious that it should do (in hindsight), but despite having used portable music players for over 20 years, it never would have occurred to me to even think that it would do that.  

I guess the question for the rest of us is what are those other "obvious" features that people might not ever ask for but take the experience of using the product to that next level.