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Six reasons to move from Oracle to IBM (Free eBook)

Image:Six reasons to move from Oracle to IBM (Free eBook)
Are you interested in reading some first hand accounts describing why companies chose to migrate from Oracle to IBM data management solutions?  This eBook (registration required) describes six reasons to make the switch, each accompanied by a case study.

Six reasons to move from Oracle to IBM
An IBM eBook
Learn how companies around the world are boosting performance, cutting costs and managing growth.
This eBook contains six case studies—one for each reason to switch. These are companies like yours that tackled important challenges by moving from Oracle to IBM:
1.        Faster response time improved total business productivity for Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen compared to a previous Oracle database.
2.        The IT group at Agrofert delivered impressive savings by reducing administration, support and licensing costs.
3.        Replacing its legacy databases enabled Newell Rubbermaid to reduce average storage volumes by 58 percent and cut total storage costs by US$300,000 during the first year.
4.        By deploying its existing infrastructure more effectively, Schaeffler KG was able to keep up with rapid growth and avoid the need to expand capacity.
5.        Rapid analysis and reporting of business data helped Epson America make decisions faster and plan for the future more effectively.
6.        Efficient portability allowed Faith Industry to reuse applications that had been written for a previous Oracle database—without costly rewriting and testing.

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