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Smarter Food News - improving freshness and safety of seafood exports

In Smarter Food news, IBM has announced a collaboration with the government of Vietnam to improve the traceability, freshness and safety of seafood exported to retailers in the United States, Japan and Europe. At a time when food contamination issues and food borne illnesses are coming to the forefront of consumer concerns, the news underscores IBM's efforts to create 'smarter', safer food supply for consumers around the world.

The traceability technologies will be tested at selected Vietnamese farms producing seafood destined for retailers in Japan, the US and Europe. The FXA technology will collect data such as farm of origin, results of spawning grounds inspections, where the food was processed, its current location and its temperature.

IBM Smart Food’s contribution will be to make this data accessible to wholesalers, shippers, retailers and other involved parties through the provision of serial numbers for each product. These will allow the products to be traced individually and enable retailers and other authorities to locate products quickly in case of a recall.

"In collaboration with retailers and government agencies, we are increasing consumer confidence by providing innovative technologies for tracing not only the origins and ingredients in food but the path they've travelled before arriving at stores." --Girish Vasudevan, territory exec, IBM Viet Nam. Smarter Food Safety