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So long 2006; Hello 2007

Sorry for the blog silence - was heads-down with work leading into the holidays, and then took a few days off at the end of the year for a trip to see family in Michigan - a great visit all around, with the exception of some tangles with Northwest (but that's a post for another day).  The kids had a great time playing with their cousins, and Jacob was very glad to discover that the Michigan Tooth Fairy knows the North Carolina Tooth Fairy.

I had every intent of doing some kind of 2006 wrap-up, but since it's taken me 4 days to do my first post of 2007 (and that Lotusphere countdown clock keeps ticking), I'll just sum it up by saying that 2006 was quite a ride all around, and that 2007 is shaping up to top it on every front.

I'm trying to keep 2007 goals simple - here are some ones that are top of mind (and I reserve the right to add to this):

  1. Do a better job staying connected with friends and family (and reconnect with friends I've lost touch with)
  2. Do a better job of listening (and showing that I'm listening)
  3. Diversify my blog (Don't worry - I don't plan to decrease the amount of Sametime content, just to increase posts on other topics.  And if you're just here for Sametime, I do have a Sametime-only RSS feed that will only push out posts tagged as Sametime)
  4. Don't move mail from my Inbox to my "Action Items" folder without actually capturing them on my "Action Items" list