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So you think you know Sametime?

Calling all Lotus Sametime history buffs...

We've got some surprises in store for Lotusphere, but there are some that we need your help on, too.

If you've got any digital memorabilia related to Sametime that you would like to share, send it on over to me at gartenbe - at -  

Do you have pictures of yourself posing in front of the Sametime bus?  Or pictures of (or with) Sametime banners or at a Lotusphere or Sametime launch event?  Maybe something from Collaboration University?  The more the better!

Also, as the title of this post implies, we're interested in any Sametime trivia that you might have.  So, if you think you know something about Sametime that the rest of us don't, send it along to the address above!

Thanks in advance!