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Sooooo close

I knew it was too good to be true.  Other than my extended tour of downtown Minneapolis, I was this close to making it through all the potential pitfalls this trip threw at me.

First I arrived at RDU airport a bit later than I had planned, only to find that the top 7 floors of the 7 floor parking garage had been blocked off.  After wandering around the basement looking for parking spaces for a while (getting more and more nervous) I finally discovered that they'd opened outside parking back up for daily instead of just hourly spots, and found a space.  Solved.

Potential problem 2:  A 50-minute layover in O'hare, including changing terminals.  Combined with seat 18A on the first leg of the trip (Row 18 as in "there ain't no row 19 on this plane).  Combined with not actually having an assigned seat on the second leg.  Somehow everything fell into place.  Solved.

But I write this at 11:22 CT, having just been informed that my "9:15" flight is an hour out from leaving.  They had a faulty light that it turns out required that they change a relay on the plane.  First they shared the good news that the relay had fit, but that they needed to let the plane cool down for an hour to check it.  Now they just shared with us the good news that the test had worked out, but that they need 60 minutes to run an ops check.  Don't get me wrong - I want to get home tonight... but please let this be it!