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Steve Rubel: IBM Turns Old NYT Editorial and PR Into Ads

Steve Rubel posts his thoughts on a new advertising approach by IBM.  I have to say, I think this is a very interesting approach to advertising, as well.

IBM Turns Old NYT Editorial and PR Into Ads

What the Internet does - and quite well - is blur lines.

Where once there was social media and media, that's no longer true. All things social are media and all things media are social. Where once there was PR and advertising, the lines of influence today are grey thanks to new paradigms. And where once there was display advertising and editorial, today things are not so black and white anymore. 

Here's one example that certainly got me thinking.

Last night when I was on the New York Times web site, a new ad campaign from IBM jumped out at me. It was startling not because of its imagery or messaging but for its unique approach.

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