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Taking Notes podcast on Lotus Sametime Advanced

Taking Notes Podcast Episode 80, featuring yours truly talking about Lotus Sametime Advanced (among other things) is now out.  If you don't subscribe already (and why not ?!?), head on over here to listen in.

I always have a good time talking to Bruce and Julian, and this time was no exception.  And it was scary to realize it had been a whole year since the last time I was on!

We talked a lot about Lotus Sametime Advanced, but also touched on Sametime Unified Telephony and the work we're doing around unified communications in general.  We also talked about the BleedYellow IM community that continues to grow.

Here are some of the links that I mentioned during the podcast:

  • If you want to try out Lotus Sametime Advanced for yourself, head on over to the Lotus Greenhouse; we're running beta code there already (direct link if you have a Greenhouse ID already).
  • If you want to connect to me (and a veritable who's who in the Lotus blogging community), register for a BleedYellow ID and download or add their community to your Sametime client (instructions here).
  • If you want to download a Sametime client from the official IBM demo server (this site is more heavily used right now by IBMers, esp. many in our sales and product management teams), go here.

Thanks again, guys!

[PS - Bonus points to whoever counts how many times I use the word "cool" when describing Sametime Advanced.  When Julian asked me what plugin I wished Sametime had, maybe I should have said a thesaurus :) ]