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Talking to myself

I recently joined the 21st century and have joined the ranks of people who walk around looking like they're talking to themselves while walking down the street - or in other words, I finally have a bluetooth headset. (I also now understand why people leave them in their ear even when not on a call... otherwise you need to find somewhere to put it without crushing it or losing it!  I am working on not wearing it all the time, though.)

I've been using a Plantronic Voyager 510-USB. The really cool thing is the USB adapter that allows me to use it with my PC, including with Sametime. (At present it requires a custom plugin, but I know work is underway to make this more widely available.)

The range is such that working in my home office I can make it all the way downstairs to the kitchen and back without losing the connection. I've also been using it with my cell phone, and as thin as the wire for my wired headset was, it is nicely freeing not to have to worry about catching the headset in my backpack or untangling it from a seatbelt (or, as is more often the case, yanking the phone off the counter or desk when I forget that I'm attached to it.)

I guess I'm saying I'm sold!