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Thank YOU

If I had to net out Lotusphere, what's really leaving a lasting impression is that pretty much the entire show, I couldn't walk from one side of a room (or lobby or bar) to another without being stopped by someone to either talk about how excited they were about Sametime, to reaffirm the strategy we're laying out for Sametime and UC2, or just to introduce themselves as someone reading this blog. (And I think that last part was the most fun.)

I don't want to go any further without saying a very heartfelt thank you to everyone who grabbed me to say hello, everyone who came to our sessions, and everyone who stopped by the Sametime booth. As we said at the opening session, it really is all about YOU.

But I also want to say thank the extended Sametime team (and beyond) who made it all happen.  I want to say thank you to Stephen, Jerry and Mark for working the booth during the show, to all the speakers who got up on stage and showed off what Sametime can do, how it's built, how to deploy it, how to build plugins, and what's coming in the future.  I wanted to thank Suzy (in absentia), Jennifer, Stephen, Sean and everyone else who helped us get organized, prepared and get materials down to Orlando. I'd like to thank Erica, Joe, Liza and Jennifer, as well as the entire Press and Analyst relations teams, for all their hard work and coordination on the PR and AR activities.  I'd like to thank Sean, Frank, Brent and Gopal for all their tireless work year-round and especially heading into Lotusphere in working all the Business Partners that were in the product showcase and demo'd on stage. I wanted to thank the production crew behind the scenes for their amazing work (and amazing patience - really) in getting everything ready for the opening general session and UC2 keynote. And a very special thank you to Sandra, Kristin, Martha and everyone else involved in making this incredible event possible, and in particular for being open to taking a chance and trying something a little different this year with the 'Sametime All the Time' track. (I have to admit, in the nights leading up to the show, I had this nagging fear that we had pushed things too far - that we'd end up speaking to session after session of empty seats.  Thank you for proving those fears wrong, session after session after session.)

So, thank you again to everyone who stopped me and introduced yourselves, came to the sessions, visited the developer, innovation and user labs, and kept all our partners in the product showcase on their feet throughout the show.

This really was a memorable week. And I think it's safe to say that the entire Sametime team is leaving this week energized for the year to come.