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The IOD Conference is getting closer

The IOD conference is getting closer, and folks are starting to blog some previews of the conference.

Curt Cotner has written about what you'll find regarding Data Studio at IOD (including a pdf highlighting key Data Studio sessions), while Philip Nelson has written about his session in a post here.  And if you haven't registered yet, Vincent McBurney writes about a way of saving some money in the process, as well as some sessions and other offers for the conference.

There is one thing I'd like to suggest:  If you are planning to blog before, during or after the conference, or for that matter post pictures to Flickr, videos to YouTube, bookmark pages related to the conference, etc., I'd like to propose that we all use a common IOD2008 tag to make it easy to find posts relevant to the conference.  I've found this type of approach very helpful in the past in trying to stay up on everything going on at a conference.