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The Importance of Services in UC2

Blair Pleasant has a great post on the role services play in UC and how IBM's offerings in this space really help set us apart from the competition. You can also hear her discuss the topic in a podcast with Marisa Viveros, IBM's Vice President of Converged Communication Services.

"IBM Global Services (IGS) is an important part of IBM’s overall UC program, offering a comprehensive suite of strategy-and-assessment and architecture-and-design services, as well as integration, deployment and managed services. IBM is one of the few companies that really emphasizes its professional services organizations – as well it should. This group provides an important competitive edge to IBM, which recognizes the complexities of UC and how important it is to integrate with existing business processes and applications. You can listen to the podcast I did with Marisa Viveros of IGS at

"Professional services are key to UC implementations, especially as we move to CEBP types of implements, and from UC-User to UC-Business Productivity. Integrating all of the elements and components of a UC solution, as well as integrating products from various vendors, generally requires significant professional services engagements."