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This is why I’m not using Yahoo! Mail anymore

Image:This is why I’m not using Yahoo! Mail anymore

To be fair, usually my bulk mail is in the high thousands, too... Yahoo must have emptied it for me this morning.  The contrast, though, was too stark not to share.  I'm still getting 50-100 junk messages a day in my inbox.


    Jonathan Bosmans | Website: | 6/27/2008 1:03:02 AM GMT

    Here's a few other reasons not to use yahoo mail anymore:

    - paying for pop/imap (<-> gmail), which used to be free

    - log in every 3 months at least or lose everything. A year ago or so I failed to do this, so my entire mail backlog from something like 1997-2002 had been wiped. Everything, gone. I won't describe the feelings I had when I noticed this.

    All in all, I have little love left for yahoo

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