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To Vista or not to Vista...

I just ordered a new laptop to replace our rapidly aging home PC, and the 1-2 week wait until it gets here is giving me lots of time to ponder that modern age-old question... To Vista or not to Vista.

(And yes, I know 'tis nobler to consider Linux, but I'm not quite ready for that jump for our home PC yet, so I'll thank you in advance for not going taking me down that route.)

The PC is shipping with Vista Business, but with an XP recovery CD.  I've got very little experience with Vista - my only hands-on time came while helping my mother troubleshoot her laptop, but I do have to say in that brief time I had to click "Cancel or Allow" enough to be incredibly frustrated by it.  (It really is just like that Mac ad.)  

Still, when I really think about it, my main reason for not going with Vista seems to be more political/obstinate than anything else.  If the machine came with XP, I certainly wouldn't be forking over any money to upgrade to Vista.  However, in this case, Microsoft will have my money either way, so it's not like the decision will result in more money in their pocket (or less in mine).  

Is there any reason not to just stay with Vista and get used to its quirks and differences from XP (well, actually our home PC is still running Win 2k)?  Since we'll also be using this for things like home video editing and storing home photos, I can imagine some benefits to being with Vista, but what's the downside I might be missing?