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Trip down memory (and money) lane

I was looking for an old receipt the other day and came across the invoice for the Dell Latitude laptop I bought when I went away to business school, coming on 10 years ago.  It was an interesting little trip down memory (and money) lane.

Since I would be using this as my primary PC, and wanted it to last, I did go for a higher end machine.  So I opted for the "large" 12.1 SVGA TFT screen, the 166MMX processor, and also tripled the included memory by adding an additional 16 mB of RAM.  I remember at the time wishing I could go for something a little larger than the 1.6 gB hard drive, but I figured that would be more than sufficient for my needs (after all, could you imagine filling 1.6 gigabytes?).  The final price tag?  $3,246.00.  


What amazes me isn't how much the PC specs have evolved in the past decade, but rather that I could buy a similarly high end (but not ultra top of the line) equivalent laptop today for around half that, if not less.

The other thing that amazes me is that I managed to sell that laptop - sans hard drive - 5 years later on eBay for $100.