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Two new Sametime 7.5 articles on DeveloperWorks

Two new Sametime 7.5 articles have been posted to DeveloperWorks.

Extending IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5

Get an introduction to plug-in development with IBM Lotus Sametime V7.5 using the Lotus Sametime Connect Software Development Kit (SDK). Learn about the new Sametime architecture based on Eclipse and IBM WebSphere Everyplace Deployment. See the sample plug-ins available with Lotus Sametime V7.5.

Note that the sample plugins mentioned include two that I consider essentials - Quick Response and Recent Buddies.  (Both names are pretty self explanatory, but check out the article for more details).  And I know I'm not alone in praising their value - they've been downloaded between 15,000-25,000 times by IBMers beta-testing Sametime 7.5.

Extending IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5 with an SMS messaging plug-in
Learn how to extend the new Eclipse-based IBM Lotus Sametime Connect V7.5 client by building an SMS messaging plug-in that allows you to send Short Message Service (SMS) text messages directly from your Lotus Sametime client to a Sametime partner's mobile phone or device.

This really highlights the extensions possible from Sametime and how easy it is to begin extending it.

And as always, a big thank you to the authors of these articles!