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Ummm... 110?

I have a common refrain I use whenever Jacob, our 6 year old, expresses amazement that I know the answer to something like who sung a certain song (or, more frequently, that I knew he was playing instead of trying to sleep).

"How did you know that?"

"Because Daddies know everything."

I figure it's good to try to drill it in while he's still young and impressionable and I have a remote chance of him believing me.

But my favorite, favorite part is that he always has the same retort:

"Oh yeah... well, what's 100 plus 10?!?"

(And when I get that right, sometimes he moves on to really tough ones, like "What's a million plus a thousand?")

Clearly, he doesn't know me very well yet.  :)

Alas, I suspect the days of being able to wow him with elementary math won't last for long.