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Update on Lotus Sametime 8 hotfix

It seems we caused a bit of a kurfuffle today by posting a hotfix for Lotus Sametime 8 and not properly describing what the hotfix was for.

We were admittedly overly terse, if not overstating the problem a bit, in the original description, which didn't say much more than that these were fixes for "server stability issues."  

As Chris Whisonant, Carl Tyler, and Volker Weber all noted, it is rather close to general availability of the release to be issuing a hotfix, and so I did want to address the full story behind this hotfix and exactly what issues it is addressing.

We have now updated the technote with a more accurate description of the fixes:

The first fix corrects a timing issue which, under exceptional circumstances, could result in a crash. This low probability event was observed on Linux, and was confirmed to be exposed on some other platforms. The event in question is a high load that ends quickly where not all network connections are closed cleanly (SPR #PDEK76BJ8A).

The second fix corrects a potential crash under high load when certain trace flags are being used. This problem is not exposed when trace is not enabled; however, in order to be able to confidently enable any trace at any time, IBM suggests installing this fix during initial deployment or at an early opportunity (SPR #TGRN799EJG).

The need to issue these fixes was only uncovered at the end of our final, long-run (multi-day) testing.  Because of the limited, exception situations involved it was determined that the overall quality of the release was not compromised, and that it would not be in the best interest of our customers to delay the release in order to incorporate the changes and repackage the entire release.  

However, because quality is of the upmost importance to us, we did want to get the hot fixes out as soon as they were available, which in this case meant within a few days after availability of the release.

We're sorry for any confusion (or dismay) we may have caused in issuing patches so shortly after the release of the product; hopefully this helped clarify things.