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Why Big Data Requires New Approach to Analysis and Platform

IBM's David Corrigan recently spoke with Loraine Lawson from IT Business Edge about Big Data, IBM's take on the key elements for a Big Data platform, and how the opportunity in Big Data isn't about just "more data," but rather an expansion in the type of questions we can ask and answer (as summarized in the response below).

The Big Data paradigm is a little bit different. It’s focused more on if you can gather all of the information about a particular topic or, even more broadly, it can be a lot more exploratory between business and IT to say, “Well, what questions could I potentially ask?”
We have a client who is in the energy business that said, “If I could bring together geospatial information and weather information and a history of weather information, would I be able to ask this question: Where should I best place a wind turbine for optimal usage from a wind point of view?” And the answer was yes, you actually can get enough data from all of those various sources to have a relevant answer to that question.

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