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Why the iPad just looks like a supersized iTouch

Let me get it out of the way... Yes, I'd like an iPad.  Not yet, though... I'll wait for a built-in camera, background apps, the memory to double or triple and the price to go down.  But it is the surf-from-the-couch, catch-up-on-news-at-breakfast device I've been waiting for.

That said, like a lot of people, my first reaction on seeing pictures is that it looks a lot more like an oversized iTouch than I was expecting.

And I think the reason behind that is that it looks like they enlarged the buttons on the home page and spread them out so that the sense of perspective of the size of the device is lost.
*** Update - I think a better description for the iPad would be a large-print edition of the iTouch.  This is very different than a multi-window, PC-like UI that people were expecting from a tablet "computer" ***

Compare the actual iPad... one of the fake rumor pictures, showing a more conventional Mac UI:

It makes it look a lot more like a handheld computer, and less like a mobile device.

(The other thing that immediately struck me is the oft-commented on bezel, which I'll agree is ugly, but in looking at videos of hands-on use may be necessary to keep from accidentally selecting things with your thumbs, although my guess is they'll build intelligence in to prevent that in the future).  

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