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You’re a Vice President of what??? A sign of the times

USA Today covers Danny Sullivan, who seems to have made quite a business out of helping businesses optimize their sites for search engines.  I wasn't at all surprised to see this, frankly, given how much money Google and others make off of online ad revenue.  What did stand out for me, though, was this statement:

Sullivan says SES attracts executives in newly created positions for vice presidents of search at companies such as Coca-Cola, Citigroup and The New York Times.

(And of course I immediately jumped to who might qualify  for such a job, imagining interviewees saying things like "Well, I always won my fraternity's scavenger hunts back in college.")

Seriously, though - I would be very surprised if this type of position wasn't already being broadened to look at how to leverage other online outreach (MySpace, YouTube, blogs) - or maybe they're behind the times already if all they're focusing on is search.

Oh - and he does his job from a remote village about four hours outside of London.

PS One of the tips in a "Ways to attract attention" sidebar is "Lots of links"  Hint-hint  :)