Michael Osterman – Info Mgmt and Lotus observations from IOD2009

Michael Osterman has posted his thoughts and observations on the IOD 2009 conference, some of which I’ve pulled in below.  (On a personal note, after reading and citing his work for a while now, it was good to finally meet him in person as we both waited for the IOD press conference to begin.)

Thoughts on IBM’s Information on Demand Conference

  • The focus on content analytics across a wide range of areas.  In the context of archiving, for example, IBM’s Content Analyzer can scan file servers and other data sources for information and provide deep analytics to determine what needs to be archived as a precursor to the archiving process itself.  An important feature of this is the ability to analyze content from a variety of structured and unstructured information types to find patterns, anomalies, etc. in the data.
  • IBM’s significant commitment to cloud computing across virtually every area in the company.
  • Some interesting approaches that are being taken to expanding the uptake of LotusLive, as well as some new capabilities that will be introduced in LotusLive in 2010.
  • IBM is getting good traction in the collaborative space using Lotus Connections with some very large organizations, including a 35,000-seat deployment that went into production last week.
  • IBM’s internal microblogging capability went from 0 to 150,000 users in the first 10 weeks after its introduction.
  • There are currently 5,600 social communities across IBM representing various products, sciences and other groups.
  • Another good sign for IBM, and for the economy as a whole, is the fact that the conference was quite crowded – at least as crowded as last year’s.

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