Get ready for the big game: NFL stats now available in Watson Analytics

If two days is still too long for you to wait for the Super Bowl (or maybe you’re already working on next year’s fantasy draft), we’ve got good news for you.  You can find all kinds of statistics from this year’s NFL season available in the online Watson Analytics system for whatever kind of analysis you want to run.

As described in more detail here, “In order to help sports fans get started, IBM uploaded a slew of offensive statistics from the 2014 NFL season (provided by SportsData LLC) into its database…. From there, fans can explore data visualizations of how certain trends played out during the season — like a weekly breakdown of interceptions thrown by the home and visiting teams — and even ask the system predictive questions like, ‘Which factors lead to rushing touchdowns?'”

You can find instructions and a demo on using Watson Analytics to analyze the NFL stats in the Watson Analytics Storybook.

Or – if American football isn’t your thing – IBM also announced today enhancements for its coverage of the Australian Open.  “IBM SlamTracker has been redesigned with new point-by-point data visualizations, commentary and statistics that include player and ball movement data for the first time ever at the Australian Open. IBM CrowdTracker, new for 2015, will provide fans with live match, venue and social information via and the official Australian Open apps.”

Press release:
IBM serves real time interactive data to fans at the Australian Open

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