Get your signed copy of “Information on Demand for Dummies”

Remember that dropoff in blogging around the middle of August?  While I couldn’t share the reason at the time, it was in large part due my involvement in the “Information on Demand for Dummies” book that everyone at the IOD 2008 conference should now have in their possession.

This was a very fun project, and the authors, Judith Hurwitz, Marcia Kramer and Fern Halper of Hurwitz & Assoc., did a remarkable job on the book.  I also want to pass along my personal thank you to all of the folks here at IBM that provided source material, jumped on calls with no notice, provided feedback and reviews, and handled all of the logistics and coordination that got us to today.

The book is designed to provide an overview of the topics that should be taken into consideration when planning for one’s information environment, starting with the importance of creating an Information Agenda.  

For those of you not at the IOD conference, we should have a PDF version available for download in a few weeks.  (Don’t worry, I’ll let you know when it’s out there.)  In the mean time, here’s the table of contents to give you a taste of what’s included:

Information on Demand for Dummies
Chapter 1: Recognizing the Business Value of Information
Chapter 2: Creating an Information Agenda
Chapter 3: Managing Information Throughout Its Lifecycle
Chapter 4: Using Information to Optimize Business Processes
Chapter 5: Establishing and Maintaining Trusted Information
Chapter 6: Planning, Understanding, and Monitoring Your Business Performance
Chapter 7: Starting the Information Strategy Journey

If you are at IOD, though, make sure you head over to the book signing to get an autographed copy (and please tell Judith that Adam said hello). 

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