While in the car this morning, I heard the newscaster on our local NPR station read out the weather.  “Today the temperature will reach a high in the low 40s.”  I’m sure it was habit for him, the same way he reads the weather multiple times a day, multiple days a week.

The only thing was, today the usual way to read the weather didn’t really portray a true picture.  Today, the weather started with a high in the low 40’s and dropped throughout the day down to the 20’s.  This would have been a more accurate way to describe the weather for the day, but habit is a hard thing to break.

How much of what you are doing is habit?  Are you just sending out the same letters to the same mailing lists, coding with the same techniques and tools, meeting with the same business partners, out of habit, just because that’s what you always do?  

Step back for a minute and look around.  Has your situation changed?  Has your environment changed?  And, more importantly, do you want it to change?

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