IBM Research Unveils Two New Watson Related Projects

BM yesterday unveiled two new Watson-related projects in collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve University.  WatsonPaths will provide medical students with a visual navigation through Watson’s analysis of a given case, providing possible diagnoses based on information it has extracted from an exhaustive set of reference materials and guidelines.  The Watson EMR Assistant project is designed to help physicians find key information from patients’ medical records.

Here’s a demo of the WatsonPaths project:

More on WatsonPaths:

WatsonPaths, when ready, will be available to Cleveland Clinic faculty and students as part of their problem-based learning curriculum and in clinical lab simulations. With an emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, WatsonPaths will be able to help medical students learn how to quickly navigate the latest medical information and will display critical reasoning pathways from initial clinical observations all the way to possible diagnoses and treatment options.

The WatsonPaths project explores a complex scenario and draws conclusions much like people do in real life. When presented with a medical case, it extracts statements based on the knowledge it has learned from being trained by medical doctors and from medical literature.

Using Watson’s question-answering abilities, WatsonPaths can examine the scenario from many angles, working its way through chains of evidence – pulling from reference materials, clinical guidelines and medical journals in real-time – and drawing inferences to support or refute a set of hypotheses. This ability to map medical evidence allows medical professionals to consider new factors that may help them to create additional differential diagnosis and treatment options.

Learn more:  

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