Connections Customizer now Generally Available

An important part of the “Pink” vision for the future of IBM Connections is the ability to extend and customize the environment.  We took a big step forward in that vision with the general availability this week of the Customizer capability.

As its name implies, Customizer allows you to customize the look and feel and behavior of Connections, such as inserting your own company’s branding, modifying standard UI elements such as photos or buttons, or even making larger changes (e.g., replacing a Community name list with tiles.)  Heath McCarthy shares more details on Customizer and how it works on his blog post here: IBM Connections Customizer Is Now Available!  I’ve also linked to more technical details and the Customizer video series below.

Customizer is available in the Americas and European Connections Cloud, and will be coming soon to AP.  If you use Connections on-premises, you can download it as part of the IBM Connections Component Pack  To register to use Customizer in the Cloud, send a message to  (See here for more details, especially if you were already using Customizer on a trial basis.)

Examples of customized sites:


Additional information:

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