Connections CR3 now available (and other updates)

If you didn’t catch the news already, IBM Connections Cumulative Release 3 (CR3) is now available for download from Fix Central! Our focus for CR3 has been on helping you focus on your work, increasing user adoption, and making it easier to customize and install Connections.  You can find the list of new features inContinue reading “Connections CR3 now available (and other updates)”

Upcoming Change in Connections Metrics

For those of you who use the metrics function in Connections, we published a tech note today regarding an upcoming change that you should be aware of.  (The formal announcement on this change should be published in the next 2 weeks.) The Component Pack for Connections that shipped last month includes an alternative  forContinue reading “Upcoming Change in Connections Metrics”

Where to find Connections (and me) at Think

I’ll be spending the next week out in Las Vegas for the Think conference, and while I know it won’t be the same as Lotusphere/Connect, I am excited to get to spend time with those of you who will be attending.  While a smaller crowd, it’s good to already see a lot of familiar namesContinue reading “Where to find Connections (and me) at Think”

Getting started with IBM Connections Engagement Center

An excellent guide on getting started with IBM Connections Engagement Center is now available on DeveloperWorks.  Head on over and check it out! IBM Connections Engagement Center (ICEC) provides an easy way to build a social intranet by creating a portal-like experience using various out-of-the-box and custom widgets. ICEC does not have its own contentContinue reading “Getting started with IBM Connections Engagement Center”

Connections Customizer now Generally Available

An important part of the “Pink” vision for the future of IBM Connections is the ability to extend and customize the environment.  We took a big step forward in that vision with the general availability this week of the Customizer capability. As its name implies, Customizer allows you to customize the look and feel andContinue reading “Connections Customizer now Generally Available”

IBM Connections Engagement Center now Available (7/28/17)

I missed posting about it while away on vacation, but IBM Connections Engagement Center was released for general availability on 7/28/17. It’s encouraging to see all of the interest we’re already getting from customers (both large and small), and if you’re an IBM Business Partner, hopefully you’re checking it out for your customers, too. YouContinue reading “IBM Connections Engagement Center now Available (7/28/17)”

IBM Acquires TIMETOACT GROUP’s XCC Solution; Introduces IBM Connections Engagement Center

Earlier today IBM announced that we have acquired the XCC solution from TIMETOACT Group and that we will be making it available in 3Q as IBM Connections Engagement Center, an add-on to IBM Connections. I’m guessing that many of you may be familiar with XCC already, but for those that are not, it extends theContinue reading “IBM Acquires TIMETOACT GROUP’s XCC Solution; Introduces IBM Connections Engagement Center”

Now Available – IBM and Cisco Integration

Yesterday marked the general availability for the integrated solutions combining IBM’s collaboration offerings with Cisco’s communication capabilities.  These solutions, which were first announced last year and have been undergoing early adopter testing for the past several months, provide organizations with single sign-on for Cisco collaboration capabilities and the ability to launch them from within IBMContinue reading “Now Available – IBM and Cisco Integration”

Connections 6.0 now available for download

IBM Connections 6.0 is now available for download!  Congratulations to the entire team involved in developing and bringing these new capabilities to market. In addition to the core offering, add-on packages for Orient Me, Touchpoint, the Ephox editor and type-ahead search are available for download from Fix Central or the Business Solutions Catalog. Links: ConnectionsContinue reading “Connections 6.0 now available for download”

Recent Announcements (Cisco, Feature Pack 8, Connections 6)

I wanted to make sure that I posted on some recent announcements, as they do (and will) offer some significant improvements in our offerings.Cisco Integration: Chapter 2At the Connect conference, IBM announced the April General Availability of our first set of integrated collaboration solutions between Cisco and IBM Collaboration Solutions.  Expected integration for phase 1Continue reading “Recent Announcements (Cisco, Feature Pack 8, Connections 6)”