Connections CR3 now available (and other updates)

If you didn’t catch the news already, IBM Connections Cumulative Release 3 (CR3) is now available for download from Fix Central!

Our focus for CR3 has been on helping you focus on your work, increasing user adoption, and making it easier to customize and install Connections.  You can find the list of new features in Rene’s post over on the Social Collaboration blog.

I’ll share from personal experience, my two favorite new features are that Files now remembers the last view I was using (e.g., if I was last using a list of files shared with me, sorted by when they were last updated, Connections now returns me to that view the next time I click on Files in the nav bar), and the new “Recently Visited” view, which has greatly reduced the time spent getting to the file I want to resume working on.  And there’s plenty of other updates besides those (new Community Catalog page, updates to Metrics, a preview of the new Highlights capability to provide community managers more options for laying out their community landing page.

In addition to what was formally included in CR3, I want to make sure everyone is aware of the “Visual Update” option now available to both on-premises and Connections Cloud users.  This update (code named Periscope, for those that might know it by that name), provides a modern, clean style to Connections that gives it an entirely new look and feel.  I can’t recommend it enough – even speaking just as someone who spends a lot of their day working in Connections as a user.  You can find more information about it here.


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